Reverend Dr. W.R. Funderburk

Jesus said, “Whoever drinks that water I give him will never thirst.” (John 4:14) We do trust and hope that you’ll find watering holes to fill your thirst again and again.


Here at Mt. Olivet we believe that Dreaming is wonderful but Doing is better. Here’s how it goes. A mental map begins with determined thoughts. Those determined thoughts produce ideas. Those ideas produce actions. And those actions-combined with faith in God; trusting His Word, and the tenacity to never give up are what will draw your dream into reality.


Many people wander through life with big dreams, but they don’t have determined thoughts-thoughts that will make them believe what it takes, say what it takes, and even change what it takes to start doing what it takes and moving that dream to reality.


Instead, they live in the world of idle thoughts, which may be entertaining sure, but that’s about as far as the thoughts ever go. Dreaming is good. It’s a God-given gift to be able to imagine and to dream. Doing is better, because doing-actually acting on yours dreams-is what moves your life forward and brings greater fulfillment.


It all starts with thoughts. 


It is our goal to always Operate in Excellence focusing on Sowing Seeds for Christ!


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God Bless and Thank You

Reverend Dr. W.R. Funderburk, Pastor & The Mt. Olivet Congregation